In light of being the new face of Ampro’s Shine N’ Jam line, I decided to blog about hair care. The hair industry is a multi-billion industry that is constantly changing. And ladies, I know we all love to have “gone with the wind fabulous” hair!!

Growing up I have always been concerned with the upkeep of my hair. This is something my mother instilled in my sister and I at a very young age.  I remember Sunday evenings my mother would wash, blow dry and roller set my hair.  Having bouncy curls for school on Monday morning would make my week!

Having a good or bad hair day can make all the difference in the world for a woman.  As women, we love to have our hair healthy and flowing, right?  It’s just something about having a good hair day. My hair influences so many things from what mood I am in to what I am going to wear.  I am a firm believer that women and some men express themselves through their hairstyles.  Hair can say so much about one’s fashion sense.  When I am feeling edgy, I like to wear my hair straight.  Big bouncy curls scream glamour for me.  Lately, I have been rocking a high bun, which is so easy. This is a very good hair choice when you are constantly at the gym. So it all depends on my mood.  Wigs can be fun and adventurous also.  The first time I wore a wig, I was super nervous the wind would blow it off!  It was a short bob cut and it totally changed my appearance.

The maintenance and care of your hair is just as important as the style of your hair.  Since we wash and condition our hair so often, products are key.  I tend to switch up my products every couple of months.  Sometimes our hair gets use to a product and doesn’t respond the way it originally did when you first started using the product.  My recommendation is to find a shampoo that has protein in it.  Our hair needs protein just like our bodies need protein.  For conditioners, I normally use a deep conditioner because my hair tends to be dry often.  When rocking my bun, I slick my hair up with Ampro’s Shine N’ Jam Conditioning Gel with Echinacea. For those annoying fly-aways or to lay down your edges, I use Ampro’s Shine N’ Jam Silk Edges with Olive Oil. Before I signed on to be their new spokes model, I had to try to the product for a few weeks. I believe it is so important to not just endorse something without really believing in the product. The Silk Edges is a favorite of mine now because it does not leave a residual and it is light on the hair for every day use.

Give me more, more, and more!! Weaves, extensions and clip-ins are a huge part of the hair industry now. More and more people are using extra hair to make their hair fuller and/or longer. I think it is great to be able to constantly switch hairstyles and not have to commit to that style for long. There are so many techniques to add hair that there is something for everyone if that is what you desire. The clip-ins are amazing because after a night out on the town, you can take them right out and be back to normal.

Most women hate to cut their hair but a trim every 4 to 6 weeks is necessary to get rid of any split ends.  Split ends just break off your hair and make your hair look dry and brittle.  When your hair looks healthy, people notice it.  I think Oprah’s hair always looks amazing!

So ladies, remember to keep your hair conditioned in these upcoming months with the sun and the heat rising. I am thinking about going lighter for the summer. I have been through so many changes the past year; I think I need something fresh and different for my hair as well.  Decisions, decisions! Hmmmm, stay tuned!

Here are a few hair products that I cannot live without:

  •  Ampro Shine N’ Jam Silk Edges
  • Ampro Shine N’ Jam Conditioning Gel
  • Sedu Pro- Ionic Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron
  • Infinity Pro by Conair 1 in Ceramic Curling Iron


Hey Lucid Lovers! So someone asked me to write about love. Whoa! I thought to myself, this is going to be interesting! LOL! Anyway, I got to thinking about my love life and the journey it has taken me on.  This advice I am going to blog about might be right for you, but it might be wrong for you. All I can do is be honest and hope it helps or at minimum you take something away from it.

When I first started going through my divorce, my initial reaction was I need to date someone.  That rebound guy, someone to distract me from my real feelings.  When I got that, I realized it was a temporary fulfillment. What I really needed was to heal my soul and my heart so I could genuinely be open to honestly and whole-heartedly truly loving again.

Love can be the must amazing feeling in the world and the most hurtful as well. It truly is a funny thing! I feel the key to finding love is to be happy with you first. Make sure you are at a place in your life where you are content and your heart is open to love.  Love requires work and compromise.  I also feel like when you least expect it, love will knock you over.  Focus on yourself; work, family, friends and whatever else makes you happy and when God feels you are ready he will bring you the perfect companion.

Trust is a huge component of making a relationship work. It is vital not to bring your past experiences of a bad relationship into your present relationship.  Everyone deserves a fair chance until they do something to make you give them the side eye.  Ladies, you know what that means without me going into detail.

Talk, talk and more talk!  Communication is key to a thriving, loving, healthy relationship. Nowadays everyone gets caught up in texting. A relationship cannot survive when a “new message” alert is your lifeline. Pick up the phone and listen to each other’s voice. You cannot feel true emotion through a text and things can be taken out of context. Even when you are in a long distance relationship try and find time to Skype or Face time if your mate is not in the country.  I am an advocate for long distance relationships. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and when you see the person you don’t take them for granted.

The important thing about love is to be honest and keep it fresh.  Don’t fall into a routine.  Surprises are always nice and they let your mate know they are appreciated maybe a love letter, a bubble bath or some home-baked cookies.  Just a little something to put a smile on their face!

And ladies remember how you got him is how you keep him! So with the flowers soon blooming, I hope you all SPRING in love..

“Let us always meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.” – Mother Teresa

Love and Lucid kisses,


Hi Lucid Lovers!  My apologies I have not written a blog in a few weeks, I have been traveling all over the country for work. However, I am back and ready to blog with you.

Ok so today I was driving to my mom’s house and realized it was 5:30 and the sun was still out.  This little observance made me smile. Why? Because that means spring is slowly approaching although the temperature on my car said 27F we are going to ignore that! So I thought I would blog about springing forward and what some of the spring fashion and makeup trends are this year.

First off leather track pants are very hot this year.  The whole baggy trouser look is in and I love it! Everything doesn’t have to be skin tight to look fabulous. I actually have been rocking this look since last spring because it is so comfy. I would threw on a pair of sweat pants and pull them under my knees to give a scrunched look, throw on a lucid and luxury tee, a black blazer, black pumps and maybe a printed scarf and be out the door. If you want to skip the pumps and blazer, throw on a hidden wedge sneaker and a leather jacket for a more relaxed feel with the sweats.

All your favorite celebrities from Beyonce, to Alicia Keys and Kim Kardashian are all rocking the leather track pants.  Vince has a great pair but they are a little hefty in price at $1150.  Definitely not in everyone’s budget so slip over to ASOS for a more reasonable price point at $55.25 that will give you a similar look.

Sea inspired eye makeup is a big hit this spring.  But caution blue can be very tricky so it must be worn properly.  Definitely don’t want to look like a circus clown!  So that means no RED lips with blue.  The trick is to keep the rest of your face neutral so your eyes can pop and illuminate your face.  Try a swipe of turquoise or cobalt blue shadow on your eyelids.  Maybelline has an amazing color tattoo gel-cream shadow in electric blue for $6.99.  If you are not that daring yet, just try it along your lash line and blend well.  This can be achieved with a good ole Wet and Wild color eye pencil for $.99! Being fashion forward doesn’t have to break the bank.

I hope you at least try one of these spring trends. Remember fashion and style is about taking chances and risks.  You will never know unless you try it. Sometimes it works, sometimes it a huge fail.  But all the best fashionistas have failed at some point.  So let’s all spring forward with some bold colors and new fashion trends!


Love and light,    lamb neon liner-blue


We are approaching February and who is still on track with their New Year’s resolutions of exercising and/or eating healthier? The gym is always jammed packed come the beginning of the year but as the months pass, the crowds start thinning out. I decided to share a few tips just in case you fell off your workout goals for the new year.

Always set a goal.  When setting a goal be realistic, don’t expect for it to happen overnight and don’t expect for it to be easy.  Losing weight takes a lot of dedication but it can be done.  The healthy way with the most long lasting results are losing a pound or 2 a week.  There are 3500 calories in one pound of fat.  Imagine how many hours that is on the treadmill?  So let’s keep our goals attainable.

Make sure you are eating properly and you are eating appropriate portion/serving sizes.  I never will forget when I was trying to get in shape for my wedding, I went to visit a nutritionist.  She taught me all about portions. One thing that stuck out was the serving size of grapes, something I love.  She advised me that one serving size was 10 to 15 grapes.  Oops I would eat the whole bag in one serving.  Making minor adjustments to my eating habits combined with exercise helped me reach my goal.  So be careful of how much you are eating no matter how healthy you think it may be.

“Remember that fitness is more like a marathon than a sprint.”- Stacy Berman. In other words, reward yourself when you reach your small goals.  Celebrate your success! All work and no play is never any fun. Have that extra glass of wine, go to the movies or have a night out with your friends.  Every time you reach a small goal, you will always have something to look forward to.

Staying on track is hard to do. Like the old saying goes “shit happens.”  The unexpected is always a possibility.  If you have an extra slice of pizza on a play date with the kids, it is fine. Forget about it and move on! You can’t beat yourself up over what has already been done.  I have the most insane sweet tooth, if I know I’m trying to tone up for something and then go have some ice cream.  I will try to spend an extra 20 minutes in the gym when I do my next workout.  But I don’t dwell on it.

Lastly, beauty comes from within.  Make sure you are happy with yourself no matter what your size. Losing weight should be something you want for yourself and not because your husband or boyfriend thinks you should drop a few pounds.  The best motivation comes from within so do it for your mind, body and soul!



  • Having inner peace is very important for our mind, bodies and soul. Taking some time for you a few days a week is vital.  Whether you spend time mediating, exercising or just taking a few extra deep breathes to clear your head a day. Also, you will be surprised what a good laugh can do for your soul. Call your BFF and tell a funny story, guarantee you will feel at peace when you hang up.  When you are at peace with yourself, it projects through to your outer beauty!


  • Get to dreaming!  Sleep is just as important as eating and exercising.  Although there is no magic number for the amount of sleep each individual needs because everyone’s needs are different. A shortage of sleep leads to nothing but problems.  Who wants to walk around with puffy eyes or bags under their eyes?  I have trouble at times shutting down my mind at night so I try to read a book, sip some Sleepytime tea or mediate. Aiming for 6 to 8 hours a night is ideal. So sweet dreams!


  • My mom always told me to throw away old makeup.  To this day I still live and die by this advice.  It is necessary to update your makeup after 6 months.  Most of us use the same few products every day.  I am sure you collect all sorts of products throughout the year.  We all stroll down the aisles of beauty stores and say, “I can use this one day or let me try this.”  Well if that day hasn’t come in 6 months, toss it bye-bye!


  • Nothing is worst then dry/cracking skin especially in these winter months.  Load on the lotion! Adios to those ashy hands and feet by applying a good heavy lotion and sleeping in socks and gloves a couple of times per month.  Trust me you will notice the difference and your hands and feet will be much smoother.


  •  Feeling amazing about yourself means looking amazing.  Make sure your hair and makeup are current.  Check out some magazines and see some new styles.  Maybe change your hair color or add some length.  The key is to keep reinventing you.  Look at Rihanna, as soon as we get use to her with long red hair, she shocks us with a cute short do.  That type of change may not be for all of us but it’s always good to keep your look fresh!

I hope these beauty tips help you look and feel your best in these winter months to come. Looking forward to blogging with you more!

Lucid kisses,